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Detected DEAD (07:00.0), will execute restart script

Hello guys, I often experience problems where my mining often restarts itself, do any of you have any suggestions? how to solve this?

Try reduce OC for mem or core clock.
Start from 5 or 10 MHz steps depends often it’s happens

thanks for the response, now this problem can be solved with the solution you provided, do you have any suggestions for the best overclock for Rx 480 or Rx 470?

It’s very varied and depends on many factors

  • memory vendor
  • applied timings (BIOS mod)
  • what’s more important to you - low power usage or best hashrate or balanced
  • etc …

Please search on forum … There is many threads about RX 4xx / RX 5xx overclocking and BIOS modding
Also you can ask in Hive Off-topic Telegram Chat

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start with 1150 core clock , 850 core voltage , 2050 memory clock. from there you will need just a little bit of tweak up or down.

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thank you for your help now it has been resolved well @rkulov @HaloGenius

but I don’t know if this is the configuration to get the best performance, but this problem can be solved with the following configuration


i think the VDD can go to 850 without a problem. test it and if some crash increase it a bit but with 1140 core clock it should be able to run with 850 core volts.
the RX 470 you can also put 1140-1150 core clock there and try also 2000 memory clock or maybe 2050 2100

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ok i will try it