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Desperately in need of help 1st time RIG. 3 months of pain, 8 weeks of it agony

Yes I should just change my name to Black Cloud

I hope I have come to the right place for my problems.

First let me spec my RIG for you all.
OS: hiveos-0.6-208-stable@210818
Motherboard: BioStar TB360-BTC PRO
CPU: Intel i9-9900KF 3.60GHz
RAM: Patriot Viper Elite Series DDR4 32GB
Power Supplies
- EVGA 1300G
- HP DPS–1200FB-1 A 1200W Power Supply 579229-001
GPU Information
- 2 AMD 16GB Saphire Pulse RX 5700XT
- 2 AMD 16GB ASRock RX 6800XT Taichi
- 1 AMD 8GB MSI RX 6800
Drive: SAMSUNG E 500GB 870 EVO 2.5SATA SSD

I’ll spare you all the 3 months of trial and error with Windows, NiceHash, Phoenix Miner as now in the last 24 hours I’m trying to get things working here on HIVEOS.

I initially did the HIVEOS boot from the USB and everything picked up from my system. All cards showed up but things were not configured fully yet.
Then the last 12 hours has been just failure to load from the USB, tried another USB, nothing and another NOTHING.
Then said F-It pulled the SSD wiped out my Windows10 Installation and put the HIVEOS on it.
It booted right up but I only had 2 GPU powered on as the 2nd PSU was off.
System booted right up to HIVEOS and ran for 3 hours just fine.
So I powered down and turned on my 2nd PSU then the rig and it will not boot up to HIVEOS, no display at all, cannot get to the BIOS either.
If I only power on the RIG and not the 2nd PSU then it boots up to HIVEOS.
I know all the cards work because I’ve had nothing but the last 36 hours of working on this darn rig testing each card out individually for hours on other platforms mining. Problem has been getting all of them to work.
I only had them all working at 1 time back in the last week of July but since then it has been a nightmare.

I am out of things to Google, out of patience, out of ideas and could really use some help from someone as BIOSTAR really has not given me any real help.
For a damn MB that supports 12 GPU it is disgusting that I cannot get 5 to work.
Someone please help.

** --------------- New information below ------------------ **
Another important thing to note on my setup. Although the MB has 2 24pin power connections I could not use 2 ATX power supplies as they lacked enough connectors for me to power 5 GPUs. 2 of my GPU require a total of 6 8Pin connectors and 2 6pin connectors 6800xt 1 of my GPU require a total of 1 8Pin connectors and 2 6pin connectors 6800 2 of my GPU require a total of 2 8Pin connectors and 4 6pin connectors 5700xt Total connectors 9 8pin connectors 8 6pin connectors I’ve searched high and low on BIOSTAR site trying to find a detailed diagram/document/video of how it is that there were able to build a 12 GPU system with just 2 power supplies, what GPU were used and what kind of connections were required but found NOTHING. The devil is in the details and I have no details on how to get this MB to satisfy me on any level.

So to clarify again on the prior post.

  • I am using the ATX to powers the MB, 1 5700xt and 1 6800xt GPU
  • For my 2ndary PSU I am using a HP Server PSU with a breakout board.
    This PSU powers the 1 5700xt and 1 6800xt and 1 6800 GPU

Nothing is plugged into the 2ndary 24pin power connector on the MB.

i like the MOBO. its a beast.

have you tested running the two PSUs with one card and see if it runs? how did you plug in the two PSUs?

PSU1 needs to power the 24pin ATXPWR1 and ATXPWR2 6pin
PSU 2 needs to power the 24pin ATXPWR2 port.
the insert just one GPU and power it to see if it works.

Initially I had 2 ATX power supplies but could not power 5 GPUs because of the limited number of 8 pin connections.

So I ended up buying a server psu with a breakout board and purchased 6 to 8 pin wires in order to have enough to connect up my cards.

I’d love to know how they got 12 cards hooked up.

1800-3000W 24Pin ATX power supplies with lots of 6+2 connectors exist. They are not the mainstream Gaming and Computing units, but mining focused.

so now you have only one PSU and its not working ? Does the MOBO power with the cards ?

I have

  • 1 ATX PSU
  • 1 HP Server PSU with breakout board

I just turned on the system right now with just 1 PSU and 2 video cards. HIVEOS boots up immediately and is mining.

If I turn on both PSU then HIVEOS bootup lags and when it gets to the where it displays the miner profile used it then just hangs and does not mine. No error messages.

Currently the PCI for all of the boards is set to GEN3

Behavior sounds like BIOS+PCI management.

I have the TBC360-BTC D+ which to start:

  • Gen2
  • 4G Enabled

You are fighting the Board design a bit, but might be able to work around it with BIOS setting and saving, shutdown, configure the full system as you intend, and power it all up.

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