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DELL RTX 3080 One fan spinning 100% the other starts and stops every 1-2 seconds

Hey, i got this weird issue on one card, one of the fans works just fine, but the other one spins and stops every 1-2 seconds.

i tried to see if it has anything stuck there, all seems ok, if i spin it with my hand it spins perfectly, no dirt or anything.

this happens even BEFORE booting into HiveOS - so not an overclock setting (and it also just started today, and this card was running fine for 3 weeks now)

Any idea?


Had the same problem today but on AMD 5700
The card has three fans and they always worked at the same speed and for few months.
Today one of the fans started “spinning and stopping” while other two worked normally.
I tried spinning it by hand and it didn’t seem stuck. Since temp was as usual and I had to go to work I just pointed one extra fan to that part of the card.

What is strange the fan started spinning again and is still spinning, nobody touched it.
here is the fan stats graph, it stopped spinning at the 3am and resumed spinning around 11am.
During that time it showed fan as almost zero even with other two fans spinning.

I see that there is some autofan fix in new upgrade, maybe it was some autofan error. I enabled autofan one or two weeks before this happened.

Today the same thing happened at the same time!
3am - fan stops
when I woke up at 7am I applied the update 0.6-205@210715 and rebooted, the fan started spinning so I hope it was some software bug that is now corrected.

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