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Delete log files at the miner console or remotely

i’ve been able to copy log files over to my pc from the hiveos miner using an FTP utility but i’m unable so far to delete the old log files to free up space…
i’ve tried through the FTP util - no luck of course
i’ve tried at the miner console (keyboard and monitor) using a separate, logged in ROXTerminal window - was able to navigate to the log file folder at:
[email protected]:/var/log/miner/bzminer#
but when i enter [email protected]:/var/log/miner/bzminer# miner.log del
i get the error –
bash: ./miner.log: Permission denied

what do i need to do to access permissions to delete the unnecessary log files ?

chmod is the command you’re looking for to change permissions on a file/folder.

i tried as best i could with my limited knowledge and could not change permissions on the folder or files inside the folder… (folder is “bzminer” the files are all '’.log) (it should read “asterisk.log”)
.log… (it should read “asterisk.log”)

[email protected]:/var/log/miner/bzminer$ cd /var/log/miner
[email protected]:/var/log/miner$ chmod u+rwx /var/log/miner/bzminer
chmod: changing permissions of ‘/var/log/miner/bzminer’: Operation not permitted
[email protected]:/var/log/miner$ chmod 751 /var/log/miner/bzminer
chmod: changing permissions of ‘/var/log/miner/bzminer’: Operation not permitted
[email protected]:/var/log/miner$

Chmod 777 does full access, you can change it back to whatever you want after.
Like this:

chmod 777 /var/log/miner/bzminer/

thanks !!! got it working … i had left off the / after bzminer is all… LOL