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Delay in payouts?

I am sitting at 0.13 Eth, and still no payout after hitting 0.1 Eth a week ago.
Typically I get payout automatically to my MEW wallet, but not this time.
What gives?

Did your account at any time go over 5% stales/invalids?

Hi Keaton,

I’m also having the same issue, I had 1 or two days where stale/invalids went above 5% but the rest of the time it was below 2%. I’ve been over threshold for almost 2 weeks now.

If that’s the case, you need to chat/email support with your info for them to manually review your account.

Could you give me the email I should contact? I tried using the support chat on the bottom right but it just mentions there’s high fees right now and that there will be delays. btw thanks for the prompt replies on a Sunday, much appreciated :slight_smile:

[email protected], make sure to send all your info including wallet address and your issue. Tthey’ll get you taken care of.

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