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Decypher gpu driver error report?

can anyone tell me why this thing crashed/
Latest GPU driver errors list:
Apr 12 19:08:35 octiminer kernel: [100416.337861][ T1099] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:07:00): 62, pid=1099, 22e95(7e48) 00000000 00000000
Apr 13 08:24:42 octiminer kernel: [148183.817891][ T1099] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:07:00): 62, pid=1099, 1e9a(38b4) 00000000 00000000
Apr 13 18:51:05 octiminer kernel: [185766.567086][ T1099] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:07:00): 61, pid=1099, 0a97(2a54) 00000000 00000000
GPU Health Data:
01:00.0 Temp: 60C Fan: 70% Power: 168W
04:00.0 Temp: 44C Fan: 60% Power: 135W
07:00.0 Temp: 56C Fan: 59% Power: 82W
08:00.0 Temp: 45C Fan: 60% Power: 137W
09:00.0 Temp: 50C Fan: 60% Power: 154W

Reduce oc on the gpu in bus location 07:00

Thanks so the xid is the card I get it . That was a 1060 on mini z flux 100/160/80pl went to 90/0/80 and crash, switched it over to gminer and its working with a higher hash. weird though its been running a few days fine.
Its my problem miner asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO every time it crashes I have to manually go in and reset the bios to renable 4g and gen 2 it looses it on hard shutdown or if power goes out then if i just boot it back up it changes the clock settings on the cards I am pretty sure thats how i bricked a 1070