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Dashboard has gaps but no crash message

Hey there!
I just recently started using hiveOS and I have some questions I could not find any answers to online.
During the day but mainly at night there are gaps in the statistics of my miner but I don’t get a message that my miner crashed.
I am using phoenixminer and currently I am running 2x rx 5700 xt from msi at 52 Mh/s and 105 Watt and one rx 5700 xt also from msi at 52 Mh/s and 115 Watt (can’t get it stable with lower power consumption).

Looking at the Hashrate at the mining pool I can’t see any direct coherences between my hashrate and the gaps in my hiveOS dashboard.
But what I don’t really understand are the fluctuations in the effective hashrate at the pool and the low average I am getting. Is this normal or do you have any advice for me?
Thanks in advance!

i have the same question i see the gaps in the hasrate line to. why is that?

Same here: image
Hiveon Pool does see the hashrate so there is no loss of connection or crash or anything like that

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 10.23.27 AM

this the answer from hiveos team

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