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Dashboard - 0 Mhs on Hive pool but miners are ok

Hive pool dashboard shows 0mhs, but my farm is working fine. Miners are ok, wallet address did not change. Flight sheet with this wallet is active. What is going on? :slight_smile:

I have re-entered wallet adress, I’ve restarted miners. I’ve restarted machines. No change, still 0 Mhs.
Pls Help

Same here, so you’re not alone. My miner looks fine and shares accepted so hopefully it’s just a temporary stats glitch

It seems it is ok now

Возможно, базу форума слили

Вот топик об этом. Все на это указывает

Again, 0mhs on Hiveon

Farm is up and running, but on



Expected earnings /day

And News?

Back to normal, everything is ok now.

Support was fast and said:
Good evening, the pool servers are currently undergoing final debugging, statistics will temporarily be displayed incorrectly, and mining is in the same mode. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.