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Danilaminer 2.2.2 not working in HiveOS [email protected]

Has anybody managed to mine TON with danilaminer 2.2.2? I’m just getting the following error when trying to run the flightsheet:

danilaminer exited (exitcode=1), waiting to cooldown a bit

The rig consists of 4x 3070Ti cards. The Windows version of the same miner works on the same rig.

Any advice?

i’m new with TON.
but it also doesn’t work for me. exitcode=1 on hive 0.6-210 !!
Is there an workaroung for this problem??
I also tried 2.2.1 without success! :frowning:

If you use Whales pool , you must set your wallet address in the Telegram robot : Telegram: Contact @WhalesPoolBot

If you did this and the problem was not resolved:
set wallet address Manually in hiveos miner config


I updated HiveOs to version from 6th january and it works.
I didn’t change the config!
I registered my wallet after I started with mining :sweat_smile: