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Daily Payout Really Low

I’m running 6 Radeon RX 5700 XTs and my daily payout is between $4-5. I used to be much more. Is this normal? Each card is producing about 51 MH. Please help a novice miner.

You’re not mining usd, look at the eth numbers.

And fine tuned/bios modded you should be around 55mh or so per 5700xt at around 100w indicated.

Thanks for the info. But when i say novice, i mean it. I don’t know how to tune bios.

YouTube and google are your friend, plenty of step by step guides out there for just about everything. Bios modding is good for 4-5mh per card, and like I mentioned if you fine tune with r mode you should be able to get power draw down a good bit too.

Thanks again.

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