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Daily payout on thie Hive-On Ether Account

Hello Community,

due to the fact that there a payout threshold i was not able to find out / check my daily income.

The real time hashrate differs to much so there is no opportunity to deduce something from it, especially because i want even to check it.

Is it possible to see the daily kredit in crypto currency on hive?

I just find this page out.

Thanks 4 help

You have to do it manually see:

On Binance pool, I know exactly how much I gain everyday, so technically it is possible. Maybe it would be a nice improvement for Hiveon for the future :wink:

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I mine on binance pool on windows with awesome miner and i was litteraly satisfied.

Just windows was a bit shitty in terms of stablization.

Ive another problem with earnigs now:

Maybe i shoud change to binance pool again. But it is not for free i guess, isn’t it?

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