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DAG issue?

Is this something that I have to worry about, what actually causes this issue?

this happen on my 3060ti LHR, original oc was 1410core/1600mem (Hiveos)

until I saw the error, I tried lowering to 1410core/1450mem, but the issue still remain

though I’m not sure what is the issue here

You can try swapping cards around and see if the issue follows the card or riser or cable etc.

I have the same issue with one of my cards… after several restarts of my rig, it works ok…

To get around that error change your overclock to have a delay. I set mine for 30-45 second delay so it will use the stock values while creating the DAG and then the OC will kick in after and the error shouldnt happen (as long as you keep the delay set to an appropriate time).

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