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Custom payout ETH minimum amout


Is there a way to change the minimum amount of ETH payout from 0.1 to higher ?
Why maybe you ask ?
Well, i have an issue with my exchange (kraken) and i am bleeding money.
To avoid this, i use ethermine that has custom adjustable min payout threshold.

At the moment of payout there are a minimum of 2 transaction.
1’st transaction made by hiveos with a more than reasonable commision fee of 0.000063
2’nd transaction made internally by kraken to within itself in order to populate my internal account with the money. (i raised ticket at Kraken to fix this, it did not exist in the past, without luck).
Is is made with the fastest transaction speed possible and of course with the biggest commision fee at the moment of payment. (without my control)

So for example at my last payout was commissioned aprox 18$. I loose this money every 2-3 days (when i reach 0.1 eth) In the past the lowest comision was 4$

On ethermine I can avoid this by raising the min threshold in order to hit this once a week or even once a month.

So i would rather pay hiveOS less money for running my rigs on ethermine than loose big commision fee (LOST money in the chain)

Do you guys have other exchange that does not make this internal transaction and have low fees ?


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Sorry to ask you this here but…how did you know they paid your 0.1 ETH?. I reached that amount and it was reset. But I don’t see any payouts anywhere…And I have my own ETH address set up in my worker.

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