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Custom miner: xmrig-nvidia

Version: 2.8.4

CUDA 9.2 build

Custom miner name: xmrig-nvidia
Installation URL:
Hash algorithm: cryptonight | cryptonight-lite-v7 | cryptonight-heavy
Wallet and worker template: %WAL%
Pool URL: Pool URL and port
Pass: %WORKER_NAME% or check pool info
Extra config arguments:
**–algo=(algorithm) ** usually miner uses Hash algorithm field, but you could redefined it in some special cases
–variant number of algorithm variant
-k, --keepalive send keepalived for prevent timeout (need pool support)
-r, --retries=N number of times to retry before switch to backup server (default: 5)
-R, --retry-pause=N time to pause between retries (default: 5)
–cuda-devices=N List of CUDA devices to use.
–cuda-launch=TxB List of launch config for the CryptoNight kernel
–cuda-max-threads=N limit maximum count of GPU threads in automatic mode
–cuda-bfactor=[0-12] run CryptoNight core kernel in smaller pieces
–cuda-bsleep=N insert a delay of N microseconds between kernel launches
–cuda-affinity=N affine GPU threads to a CPU
–no-color disable colored output
–donate-level=N donate level, default 5% (5 minutes in 100 minutes)
–user-agent set custom user-agent string for pool
-B, --background run the miner in the background
-c, --config=FILE load a JSON-format configuration file
-S, --syslog use system log for output messages
–nicehash enable nicehash support
–print-time=N print hashrate report every N seconds

To update miner from previous version use custom-get command with -f key:
custom-get -f

I will be very grateful for your feedback!
p.s. info about --variant param:

Since HIveOS 0.6-01 my integration have been added to HiveOS mainline. This topic is closed, if you want to continue using custom integration, check out Krassus’s topic.