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Custom miner: eminer

Optimized, high performance multiworker ethash miner written in Go language. That has been nice performanse compare with other miners. It’s release candidate version, need more tests and comments so we can improve the miner.

Version: 0.6.1_rc2

Custom miner name: eminer
Installation URL:
Wallet and worker template: %WAL% or check pool info
Pool URL: Pool URL and port
Pass: Password or check pool info
Extra config arguments:
-L List GPU devices
-M string Run mine on selected devices, use comma for multiple devices (default “all”)
-N string Name of your rig, the name will be use on dashboard, json-api, cloud service and stathat.
Some pools require rig name with extra parameter, this name will be send the pools.
-V int Log level (0-5) (default 3)
-cloud-key string Set your cloud service key here to have stats about the rig from,
you can create free key from the web site and use the same key for all your rigs.
-cpu int Set the maximum number of CPUs to use
-dag-intensity int DAG work size intensity (4-32) (default 32)
-devfee-coin string Set devfee default coin, it may reduce DAG changes.
Usable coins: ETH, ETC, UBQ, EXP, MUSIC
-fan-percent string Set fan speed percent on selected devices,
use comma for multiple devices (amd devices only)
-fixed-diff Fixed diff for works, round solutions
-intensity string GPU work size intensity (8-64), use comma for multiple devices (default 32)
-kernel string Select kernel for GPU devices, currently 3 kernels available,
use comma for multiple devices (1-3)
-no-devfee Disable devfee, this can be impact some performance reduces
-no-output-color Disable colorized output log format
-stathat string Set your stathat email address here to have some basic metrics from web site

Useless in HiveOS but funny statistics are available at http://YourRigIp:8550

eminer can post statistics to its cloud but in Hive it’s useless too.

I will be very grateful for your feedback!