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Custom Bios for 470

Hello guys,
since my rigg is coming tomorrow i would like to ask if someone could give me a good homepage where i can download custom ETH Bios for the following cards:

4GB PowerColor Radeon RX 570


8GB MSI Radeon RX 570

I already googled but only could find Custom BIOS on untrustworthfully homepages without enough feedback. Dont want to grill my cards.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I always use vbios from website. Somes will say that you should do it by yourself, but I don’t have a windows pc to do it and no idea how to to it by myself in linux. Just be sure to get the good bios, and to (almost) never use the -force switch…sometimes there is small diff between your card and the one you found on anorak (like a msi armor OC edition and a non-OC)

Okay so if you dont have to force the bios update it should be safe?

Nobody else an idea?

Modding BIOS by copying 1500 straps to upper values usually gives very good results on AMD cards. You can do it by using Polaris Bios Editor which has “One Click Timing Patch”. Download original BIOS from your card, load it in Polaris Bios Editor, Click on One Click Timing Patch, Save it and upload it back to your card. Restart the rig and “voila” :slight_smile:

Better results can be achieved, but they require much more knowledge. Also, there is this thread where Ilja is helping others modd their BIOS.

This way you are sure it will fit your exact card in terms of memory type, card model, …

Just download Your cards Bios from HiveOS panel and then edit it with: PolarisBiosEditor-master
then just send new Bios back to card with HiveOS panel and You are done!

Yes it is so easy with HiveOS :wink:

Thanks guys. It really helped and i was able to make two ROM by myself that worked.
The AMD 470 Powercolor 4GB makes about 29,5 ETH Hash now.
But the MSI 570 Armor OC 8 GB only 28 ETH hash.

In the 8GB ROM i only copied 1750 Mhz Timing to 2000. Can i also copy 1500 to 1625, 1750 and 2000? Or would that harm the GPU? The guy in the tutorial said that it is not nessecary for a 8GB Card.

Thanks in advance.