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Current/reported/average hashrate and shares

Hey guys,
I know that my hashrates will vary, but my current hashrate seems like it bounces around 100 mh/s plus. Is this normal for a 800 mh/s farm? I’m wondering if my overclocks are too high? From the way I understand it all that really matters is shares.

Take a look of my attached pictures. One is of Ethermine showing the wide fluctuation in current hashrate and the other is of one of my rigs that has 2-3080 LHR’s. Both are the exact same card with the exact same overclock’s and exact same reported MH/s. After 15 hours of uptime one is reporting 10 percent more shares than the other. I notice this alot across my little farm. Even after longer samples of time. It gets me wondering if its just luck or if something else is wrong?

Let me know what you guys think.

I’m just getting back into mining. I did it back in 2017 during the last bull run and loved it. Then life happened and the bear market set in. Decided to fire my old 1080ti’s back up and here we are. :slight_smile:

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