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Hi All,

I am setting up my 4th rig, and I am getting the error:

Can’t start T-Rex, can’t initialize CUDA engine, cuda exception: CUDA_ERROR_SYSTEM_NOT_READY. Is NVIDIA driver installed?

Graphics cards using (one at a time at different PCI-E slots): 3080ti and 3060ti.

I installed HiveOS initially through USB stick then again on SSD to see if the issue would fix. I tried mining with Ergo instead of using T-Rex miner, but they both give the same error. I tried to force install the NVidia driver and update theHiveOS firmware, but still the same.

I figured it out. I used another motherboard and it works now. The issue was the previous motherboard I was using, MSI PN7 SLI, would not run. I guess it was outdated or something.

Anyways, I will leave this post public as it might help someone else somehow.