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CUDA ERROR - Out of memory NM Miner

Hello my fellow mining friends,

I have been running with a P102-100 (5GB) and some other cards. The card worked fine until we pushed the an HiveOS update. We were many versions behind so we thought updating would be good.
After we updated my P102-100 does not want to start mining.
The Miner says the following:
“CUDA Error: out of memory (err_no=2)
Device 2 exception,exit…
Code: 6, Reason: Process crashed
restart miner after 10 seconds…”

Does someone know what could be the issue here ?
As far as I know you can still mine with 5GB cards.

Thanks for the help!

It’s getting pretty close, current dag file is 4.813gb, so depending on what size memory is actually available that could def be your issue. If you downgrade does it work?

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Well, I havent tried downgrading. Currently have no physical access to my rigs. The VRAM is exactly 5059MB big so it should be enough.

That would be enough if no memory was used for anything besides the dag file itself and the full amount was available.

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