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Cuda error, Low hash

Hello, i started mining some days ago, and my rig keep getting some random erros and sometimes it dosnt restart ( like today, i went to sleep i lost the night farming =/ )
I already tried to lower my overclock but the erro still.

[13:21:27] ERROR - CUDA Error: out of memory (err_no=2)
[13:21:27] ERROR - Device 0 exception, exit …
[13:21:27] ERROR - !!!
[13:21:27] ERROR - Mining program unexpected exit.
[13:21:27] ERROR - Code: 11, Reason: Process crashed
[13:21:27] ERROR - Restart miner after 10 secs …
[13:21:27] ERROR - !!!

pls help <3

Im using 3 RTX 3070
Mb h110 Pro BTC +
Psu Corsair RM850
8GB ddr4

This PSU is 850 watts? You can pull at best 750 watts from it. 150 for the rig and 600 for the GPUs. How much watts do the GPUs pull?

130w each GPU
i will get 1 more gpu thats why i have the 850w

Check riser then on gpu 0.

its look all good on the riser, this erro is random, sometimes the rig run for 10 hours without any erro and sometimes the erro comes out like every 1 hour :sob:

Post your OC settings. They might be slightly off


I have this error similar to yours. Sometimes it works for days, sometimes a few minutes… I can’t find a solution. I noticed that when I remove the 3070 or 3060ti from the system, the error practically doesn’t happen. So I thought the problem could be my old Asus motherboard (P5QC), but then I see you with the most modern equipment also having this crash… I don’t know anymore… I got tired of wasting hours of mining… Sometimes the miner keeps restarting over and over again

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