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Cuda_error_illegal_address, cuda illegal memory error

Hello, when I mine on my RTX 2070S I get this error:
It says that I should reduce OC, so I did reduced it to 0 and it still pops up. I noticed that the error occurs while generating the DAG file.
I’ve been trying to solve it for a week with no result. Can someone here give me a clue?
I also have 2x GTX 1080 Ti in the rig and they work perfectly with no errors whatsoever.
Thanks in advance!

Try “-lidag 3” parametr in miner bat file.

How do I do that in HiveOS?

flight sheet// edit// setup miner config/// Extra config arguments:

Thanks. Does it work for every miner?

Ok, I switched to PhoenixMiner and added the parameter, but it doesn’t work

got a solution?

It turned out that the GPU was broken. When I tried Windows on the machine I saw a lot of artifacts and it was when I realised that. Good luck though

I believe I’m in the same situation, grateful for the help.

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