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CUDA 11 Error - Cant allocate DAG (1050Ti 4GB)

4 rigs x 12 1050Ti (4Gb videoram)
MB with 4Gb RAM, Hiveos on SSD (swap 24Gb), Claymore miners, ETH
Two days ago 2 of 4 rigs cant mine - CUDA 11 error in claymore detected. Two other rigs (the same miner, the same GPUs) works properly.
What happens?

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Run nvidia-info and will get answer. Epoch changed and now GPU0 out of memory
1050ti usually report 4039MB or 4040MB amount of VRAM (it’s a bit less than 4GB)
What can you do ?

  1. change GPU0 to card with 6 or 8GB card
  2. switch to NanoMiner (will extend life up to 4 epoch)
  3. disable GUI with loss of overclocking and hashrate as result

Thank you for 2nd advice. With Nanominer all ok.

Anyway, i dont understand, why it happen with only 2 of 4 identical rigs with identical GPUs…

try nvidia-info on rigs where isnt’t happens yet to find answer


claymore 15 mh
nanominer 7.8 mh
what is the problem

Mining ETH/ETC for 1050ti is over for now if you about speed

Now you can mine ETC with 4GB card.
For some time, the DAG file is only 2.5gb, not 4gb as before.
Minus profitability etc is lower than eth, about 30-50%