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Cryptonite7 rx 570 4GB settings

Hi, I just got HiveOS and want to mine Monero7. My XFX rx 570 4gb always seems to crash when I try to make adjustments in Hive. I have difficulty getting above 533mH.
The only thing that even gets it up to 566 mH is if I set Core Clock to 130 and memory to 2000, but everyone else I see is putting core at 1150!
I haven’t modded BIOS on this card, I am just trying to use the stock Hive OC but everything seems to crash this card. Has anyone had any luck? It has Elpida memory.

XFX cards shows less hasrate if frong OC. Did you modded bios yourself? Have you done it before? Stock core is 1264mhz, don’t go over it and memory stock are 1750. Start with these settings. If it good then memory 1775mhz (7100 OC) And core to 1150. Look at, there you can see setings for you card too