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Cryptonightv7 hash rate

2 480 cards doing 711h/s and my 4 580 pulling i think around 640-660h/s
1150core/2150 mem for 580 and 1150/2050 for the 480’s
580’s have hynix mem and 480 samsung memory
Bios modded etc.

Was wondering if my hash should be higher, I don’t recall for sure but I think I should be 800 in windows? Is there anything you guys can think to increase hash like a command line thing.

The 580 cards do 30.3mh/s eth and 480 29.9 eth for a total of 180-181mh/s same core/mem Ideas?

Wich miner you are using?
In Claymore’s CryptoNote rx480 samsung 942H/s, rx580 samsung 907-912h/s, rx580 hynix 846 H/s

Claymore… what commands are you using.

[quote=“Darrell262;3077”]Claymore… what commands are you using.
Nothing special. All of you need is:

  • Additional argument -pow7 1 for use cryptonightv7 algo
  • Correct memory timings and core clock for Cryptonight
  • Some tunning for -h argument for get some additional hashes from card (up to 50H/s), but be careful - you can get reverse effect with incorrect shares

RX470 4Gb with elpida memory 890-910 H/s per card
-h 960
core 1189MHz mem 2050MHz

i’m getting best hasrate with
-pow7 1
-dmem 1 (double memory use)
and i’m not using -h (default is 0 , claymore will give number)
core 1180 samsung mem 2100, hynix mem 2250