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CryptoNight v.7

Due to recent comes of CN ASICs, soon Monero will fork for the new CryptoNight V7. Does anybody know if HiveOS will implement this? It seems xmrig-amd is already ready for the new algo but it’s not present in HiveOS yet.

Hi, Is there any plan to update sgminer gm 5.5.5? new V7 is implemented by developer (cryptonight.h and cryptonight.c updated) - source code is in github.

@Mikhail101, you’re talking about sgminer 5.5.6, it’s there in Github but it isn’t officially released yet.

Will HiveOS provide the 5.5.6 binary? Cause I don’t to upgrade my Hive. I’ll have to trouble shoot my rigs on newer versions :frowning:

Yes, in fact it is 5.5.6. Anyway, I can do it by myself if it will be needed :slight_smile:

@Mikhail101 Hi, Have you tested it?
I’ll compile and test it tomorrow, but I have no idea how to compile. If HiveOs does not provide the update in time, can you guide us through the process?

For anyone looking for help.

But instead of compiling 5.5.5, you compile 5.5.6

Would love to see CryptoNight V7 support ASAP…
PS: loving Hive! :wink:

когда сделают алгоритм cryptonight_v7 кто вкурсе? На каком майнере можно майнить ?

there are several different cryptonight algos now. it would be nice if we could have access to each of them thanks

You could if you will could read …

XMR-Stak - support almost all cryptonight variations for CPU and GPU
XMRig - support almost all cryptonight variations for CPU
Claymore’s CryptoNote - support legacy cryptonight and cryptonightv7 for AMD GPU
cpuminer-opt - - support legacy cryptonight and cryptonightv7 for CPU
and there also other miners which support multi-algo including cryptonight

What the problem?

i am trying to mine BLOC cryptonight Heavy
i have entered my information like the examples, however its not mining. not getting a error message either,

was able to find the answer on the Telegram channel