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Сustom integration is no longer supported.
Since HIveOS 0.6-01 this miner have been added to HiveOS mainline.
All new versions of the miner will be released with HiveOS updates.

If you have troubles with update look through
Falling selfupgrade topic

Features: CryptoDredge is a simple in use and highly optimized cryptocurrency mining software. It takes full advantage of modern NVIDIA graphics cards through the use of unique optimization techniques. We have also devoted great attention to stable power consumption. These benefits, along with the very small developer fee, make our product one of the best publicly available miners.

Supported Algorithms

  • Allium
  • BCD
  • BitCore
  • Blake (2s)
  • C11
  • CryptoLightV7 (Aeon)
  • CryptoNightFast (Masari)
  • CryptoNightHaven
  • CryptoNightHeavy
  • CryptoNightSaber (Bittube)
  • CryptoNightV7
  • CryptoNightV8 (Monero)
  • Dedal
  • Exosis
  • HMQ1725
  • Lbk3
  • Lyra2REv2
  • Lyra2vc0banHash
  • Lyra2z
  • NeoScrypt
  • PHI1612
  • Phi2
  • Pipe
  • Polytimos
  • Skein
  • Skunkhash
  • Stellite
  • Tribus
  • X16R
  • X16S
  • X17
  • X21S
  • X22i

“The latest” version will atomatically update miner to the latest integrated version compiled for CUDA 9.2. You can choose miner version compiled for CUDA 10.0, but you will have to swich it manualy all the time when the miner updates.


I’ll be very grateful for your feedback!

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there is a new a cryptodredge-0.9.2_cuda92.tar.gz for custom miner, but it doesn’t run cause missing cuda 92.

cryptodredge-0.9.2.tar.gz run ok with cuba 9.1, how do i upgrade to cuda 9.2. Already try nvidia-driver-update but still missing cuda 9.2

Will hiveos upgrade to cuba 9.2 anytime soon? i don’t want to mess around doing manually install that might break something

There is Cuda 9.2 in HiveOS ‘Bleeding Edge’ build.
Try download and flash it.

Today i’ve updated to cuda 9.2 by nvidia-driver-update in stable HiveOS build. CryptoDredge mines fine.

Are you sure that nvidia-driver-update was completed with out any error?

using the ‘Bleeding Edge’ build work ok with cuda 9.2 i just install a fresh stable hiveos (which already have cuda 9.2 so don’t need to use nvidia-driver-update) so i not sure why it doesn’t the last time i try it, the old hiveos os have been running for about half year and with hiveos update, i guess is there error during upgrade with nvidia-driver-update. Anyway, conclusion is fresh stable hive and ‘Bleeding Edge’ build work with cuda 9.2

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Thank you!
lyra2z 1070TI - 3,26 Mh/s
core 200
mem -1000

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CryptoDredge, lyra2z 1070TI - 3.9 Mh/s, CORE 196 MEM -392 PL 132

Карты 77 градусов !!!, при этом вентиляторы больше 40% не раскручиваются,
хотя настроен правильно autofan, что то с autofan на CryptoDredge

Помог update до cryptodredge-0.9.2_cuda92.tar.gz

Добавьте пожалуйста, новую версию майнера CryptoDredge v0.9.5

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Передан в работу уже

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How do you update to latest version?


To update miner from previous version use custom-get command with -f key:
custom-get -f


Thank you.

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CryptoDredge v0.9.6 update ?

Yes updated

can u update it to 0.97


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To update miner from previous version use custom-get command with -f key:
custom-get -f

1 Like new - v.0.10


Yes, please)


To update miner from previous version use custom-get command with -f key:
custom-get -f

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