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CryptoDredge miner integration for Hive

I see some users want to use CryptoDredge miner with HiveOS, although Hive devs have developed the custom miner integration, however for this miner all that effort is not needed and getting it to work is much simpler as its a ccminer fork and offers API ports for the stats. It already slots right in with all the other Hive stat feedback scripts, with an exception. This miner doesnt take json config, and for all ccminer forks, hiveos creates a json file. So here is what i’ve done to get it to work.

  1. Login to SSH console, and use wget/curl to download this file to your hiveos /home/user dir.

  2. install some required libraries apt-get install libc-ares2

  3. Uncompress using tar -xzvf CryptoDredge_0.1.tgz

  4. move the contents to /hive/ccminer/ bby using mv /home/user/CryptoDredge/* /hive/ccminer/

  5. from the SSH console, cd /hive/ccminer then type ln -nsf ./ ccminer-suprminer

  6. Now you you’ve disguised CryptoCredge as ccminer-suprminer, select it in your wallet and go about your business as you would with any ccminer fork. :laughing:

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Thanks a lot! Works great
Just had to set some files to be executable and it runs like a dream(could be the way that i got it on to the box though, i used filezilla after uncompressing on my desktop)

Much appreciated!

I followed these instructions, but when i launched the ccminer suprminer, it downloaded suprminer from hive

make sure when you do a dir listing of /hive/ccminer you see something like this:

lrwxrwxrwx  1 user user       17 Jul 25 20:20 ccminer-suprminer -> ./*

make sure you’re doing the step 5 correctly.

ive now fixed the issue. i can run the miner with command line. but i cannot launch it from wallet as normal suprminer would have. I get an error saying no algo selected. i have selected phi2 and also put -a phi2 in every box lol still says no algo selected

as i said previously you seem to have not linked the “” to ccminer-suprminer for all the other functions to work. Please note its the “.sh” file that you need to link (using ln -nsf) to the ccminer-suprminer symbolic link, otherwise it wont work.

What download link do i need to refer to with : wget -P /home/user/ “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Cause when I use the link in your description (!zS5iUATJ!XMoW4Zzku7E9TXTMNYqi8i96wEHR81TZdAXSxha5QJg) it says event not fount, i can download other files, bit this one doesn’t work because you need to press on the download button to start the download.

So what url do i need to wget to?

Thank you!

the link should work with no issues, i just downloaded the file again and its ok.

What code are you using and what url? Could you place the exact code with url youre using here?

Thanks alot!

its really the same URL as posted on the original post Here it is again

I dont know why, but this is what i get (see attachted screenshot). I think it is because of the “#” in the url.

Got it to download by using single quotes, my bad. i’d used double quotes. But the files being download is only the index.html. What do i do wrong?

See attachtment

Thank you

download the file using your browser then sftp/scp into the Hive…

Can’t get it to work. Is it possible for you to make a short video tutorial? I think manny people want to work with CryptoDredge.

Thank you in advance!

Use custom. Create new wallet, at the bottom, there is a example Gin t-trex. Just change to to your need miner name, change wallet, pool, c=“coin symbol” -a “what alogrithm”

Thank you very much. I’ve created the wallet with the example Gin t-trex and put in all the information. I’ve also execute the command custom-get “url wich you provided” -f. then i selected the custom miner and the wallet i created and pressed launch. But the rig stays offline and never starts to mine. With ccminer selected everything works fine.

I keep doing something wrong but don’t know what…

I think you you set your miner as ccminer. Goto rig overview, choose your “miner” as “custom” than select your “wallet” and press the rocket to launch. Make sure you set a correct algorithm during your custom miner setup

Thank you, the mistake was that i use uppercase letters in de custom miner name section.