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Critical temperature?

Yesterdayi I realised that the critical temp of 56 rigs is 90. But I m sure they are set to 65 or 70 so far. I dont know how that s happened to 90. So, I had to change all of them to 65 or 70 again one by one for 56 rigs. I m just reporting. It is so important thing. Maybe that is a bug. Please check.

It s not only on my rigs. I double checked. All of my friends have that same changes. But they are sure they didnt change it. So everyone have to check their rigs one by one.


that is the temperature at which the os does something. In other words should be a temperature you should never reach, alas critical.

At that temperature, the os will take the action you selected. Even shutdown your rig

Wouldn’t suggest anything below 70–75, but would depend on how your rig works

Mine are all still set to 90 as they were before, as are all the rigs I manage for friends. You can check the activity log for autofan config changes and see who and when changed it.