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Crazy overclock Hiveos 6800 66 mh/s (but i don't know how)

My story here is simple, with those parameters on my 6800s i get around 60 mh pretty normal.
until somethings on the 5700 xt goes wrong and ‘‘teamredminer says gpu 2 dead yada yada’’, i get this message once every day or two but can’t seems to get rid of it. causes the rig to restart automatically and resume mining as nothing happened.
the setting for the 6800 are a bit sketchy, sometimes on the restart i get 50 or 55 or 57 mhs instead of 60, now i got 66 mh .-. what is going on?!?
not complaining but i’d like to share this experience and maybe someone can find a way to squeeze mor power out of 6000 series

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