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Crash wo oc

Hi guys, i’m new here and like you see i’ve some problems… ^^

Starting mining on hiveos with x5 1660S (zotac) and x1 3080 (Palit) for 5 days. I applied my habituals afterburner oc but the rig crashed some hours later.
I updated gc drivers.

After this i trying to run without oc, just fan and pl activate. Same issue…

Trying without pl, just fans and, same…

Changing miner from Phoenix to Trex, and testing the same things, same issue…

The rig crash evrytime, no reboot, no error message just an frizzed screen.

I changing the config file, and rebuild all the rig yesterday. Now the rig start 1 time on 3. Last time it keep mining for 6 hours and crash… I really don’t understand What’s happend.

Hope u can help me ^^
Btw: i’m french, hope my english is clear ! ^^

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