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CPU xmrig mining monero on oceanpool

hi, i have 2 unused laptops, so i wanted to mine some crypto on them. Unfortunetly they have Intel integrated GPU so i can only mine on CPU. I finnaly was able to get everything runing. Set pool as, my monero-gui wallet adress and its runing. But after few hours i dont see anything either in my monero wallet or on hiveon website. Is the status updated once everyday at 9GMT and i need to wait or 9GMT is like in NiceHash the time my coins are transfered after they reach certain ammount. And before that they are seen as unpaid? Or maybe i configured something wrong?
Here are screens from my 2 laptops and what it shows when they mine(at least i think they are mining :sweat_smile:) and from hiveon dashboard.
Please tell me if i set something wrong.

iā€™m mining monero because i found it can be done on CPU. Is there any better coin or maybe better pool to do it?

You need to go to the moneroocean pool website and plug in your wallet address, then you can change your payout threshold if you want i think default payout is .3 or around there, which would take you a bit over a year to reach with your hashrate if nothing else changed

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Thanks, that helped.