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CPU rig?

GPU rig pays 3 USD for a month.
What is the monthly price for CPU rig ?

And there was gpu rig. I unplugged the graphic cards.
The graphic cards quantity cannot be set as 0
HiveOS shows error message when I try to set it to 0 (I think it is a bug. It must be set as 0)
Now, is this rig cpu rig or gpu rig for monthly price ?



1 is as low as you can set. It wont show any missing units if you remove the gpu after setting it up. CPU rigs are 1 cent/day or ~30 cents/month.

You can check under your billing tab to confirm its being billed as a cpu rig (please make sure you wait til the next full day of not using a gpu)

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HiveOS shows 1 rig has error. (orange color)
HiveOs shows 1 gpu has problem. (red color)

I transferred this cpu rig from another farm to this farm to be sure it is the one with error.
This rig says one gpu is missing. The problem will be solved if we can set 0 unit in the settings.

IMAGE without cpu rig:

IMAGE with cpu rig:

That yellow means you have something in the tuning section for lolminer on those rigs, not an error

I have two rigs - lolminer custom tuning. There is no any problem about them. The orange color on miner name says the rig has custom tuning for that miner.

There is no any warning if i transfer this cpu rig to another farm.


The blue color shows the rig named as MYHOUSE cpu rig.
Orange color: there is a rig with problem.
Red color: there is a gpu with problem.


Let me explain more. I set 3 gpu at the settings of the cpu rig.
Now, lets go to the farm main page.
We will see 3 gpu problem because the cpu rig is looking for 3 gpu.


You can see wherever I transfer the cpu rig, one rig error and one gpu error is on that farm.
I can set 1 gpu minimum in the setting of the cpu rig.
one rig error and six gpu error if i set 6 unit gpu in the setting of the cpu rig.

There will be no any problem if we can set 0 gpu unit at the setting page of the rig.

If the first rig is set to 1 card it wont show 1 missing unit. You can check the box on the left next to the star symbol beside myhouse to verify. Check your other rigs to see which is set to 2 or higher, you can just set them all to 1 and it will auto set it to how many gpus it has.

I created a new farm.
I transferred the cpu rig to the new farm.
There is no any other rigs.
The result image:

Let’s set 6 gpu in the setting of the cpu rig.

Let’s go the the farm main paige:

I hope you will understand me now.

The problem is related to this rig.
Whatever gpu unit we set in the setting page, i get it on the top of the page.
The problem will be solved if we can set 0 unit at the setting page.
So, no any problem will be reported at the top of the page.

If you set to 1 it should not show one missing unit

Yes, I set it to 1 but it shows one missing unit.
I can give you access to your username for that rig if you tell me your HiveOs username.
So you can see one missing unit although you set 1 unit at the setting page.
And you can see 6 missing unit if you set 6 unit at the setting page.

Again, the problem will be solved if we can set 0 unit at the setting page.
But HiveOs doesnt allow us to set it to 0.
And one missing unit if we set it to 1.

Sure i can take a look, my user is keatonreckard

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You can see the farm now.
Farm Name: CPU_FARM by user gokyuzugokturk

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It might be because youre on an old kernel, mind if i update it?

No problem. You can do it whatever you want.

Edit: I have just checked it. 5.15.0-hiveos #96
My other rigs has newer kernel. 5.10.0-hiveos #110

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Updating now

Didn’t have any impact, well that is different behavior than whats seen with amd cpu miners, ill pass on the bug

Here you can see i added 2 of my cpu rigs to your farm and they are set to 1 gpu and dont show any missing units, but seems maybe for intel it does still. Will have some people look into it and let you know what i hear back

thanks for verifying the bug.
have a good day.

Bug fixed, you can set to 0 now. (Already did on yours to test)

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