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CPU mining sleeping cores

Hi all,

I started mining Raptoreum yesterday and after 3 hours of full tuning i could finally start mining.
Now every minute or so the hasrate goes skyhigh and then from the 4 cores 8 threads it says 3-4 cores are sleeping. this stays for about 5 minutes then they reactivate. does anyone know this issue?

this is normal if your cpu doesnt have enough L3 cache to run all threads for certain parts o the ghostrider algo. thats what the tune process is for, your cpu is faster on 4 threads for that part.

thanks for the reply!

I’m so glad you asked this question, and got a reply. Mine did the same thing after a number of hours after about an hour of the optimizing. I rebooted, and it did it again within 30 minutes.

Happy mining!

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