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CPU mining RYZEN 5900X offline

I have a set of 4 CPUs 2 RYZEN 5900X and 2 RYZEN 5950x but only one goes offline random after a while which is the 5900x I shut it down but it still has the same issue any suggestions

Do you have manual clocks or voltages set?

voltages I did not touch just the memory I have 2 sets of 2400 but the other Ryzen 5900x is OC in the memory and voltages and has never given me any problem. As a precaution I just took it apart and made sure there were no component loose include the CPU and every component is brand new

I wouldnt mine with stock settings, they will run pretty hot that way as its a lot more voltage than needed.

That’s how I running right now just to see because it does tell me the reason why. so far she is at 59 C just like the other 5900x with OC setting at just 60 C. just would like to know what was the issue, to begin with

Could be anything, but i would start with setting clock and voltage, disabling pbo and core performance boost if enabled. Goal is to find the lowest vcore voltage that is stable at whatever clock speed you choose.

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yes it works I think it was the voltage setting the issue all I did was just the memory just a bit enough to give me 12.26kh in flux but thank you

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