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CPU Mining & High Load Average

Hi everybody this is my first post so apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I have a dual miner rig, I previously only Gpu mined with it (6 x 3090’s) but I upgraded the CPU to a Ryzen 5 3600X with 16GB of DDR4-3200.

Since running XMRIG, I am getting high load averages in the ranges of 12-13. My GPU and CPU hash rate appears to be fine (123.5MH per GPU and 6900H/s CPU). Is this something I need to worry about? Is it normal to see a high LA when dual/CPU mining?

Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks!

Are you running hiveos through usb stick? Maybe is this you problem…(usb sticks does not have the ability to read-write fast enough)

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I am!! Thanks so much! I will install an SSD and see how it goes.

I installed an SSD and unfortunately I still have the exact same problem. Any tips anyone?

post a picture with your settings… i have this problem with amd cards (hivos running from usb 3.0 ) and my solution is to change usb to ssd and turn the logs-off…

Ive left the arguments for XMRIG blank (auto). I need to work out how to decrease max CPU usage percentage with XMRIG. LA as far as I have read is strictly a CPU backlog, so I will try and work out how to lessen the load as its only just borderline triggering the LA alert.

Do you still have the high load average, I have a similar rig and once I started dual mining with CPU the load average is high, wasn’t sure if that was just normal

Hi there, yes the problem persists, I haven’t figured out how to sort it out but my guess is that I need to limit CPU utilisation, I just haven’t figured out how to as yet.

I have it feeling it doesn’t hurt anything, it basically is around 2 per core, I have a 6 core around 12 and an 8 core around 16 they have both been running almost a day without any problems and prior to that had them running on windows without any problems.

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Hey, I had the same questions as I am newer to CPU mine. I searched and being 12,xx means u have 12 x 1,0x core usage, 1,00 is 100% usage of a core.

Xmrig does not seem to give any option to lower the CPU usage else than blocking a number of core. I found the cmd line argument: “–cpu-max-threads-hint 50” would mean 6/12 active cores, eg 50%.

I found that ppl on linux can start a service that does the job u want, but it would mean in our case that hive implement it. On Windows it should be doable with Ryzen Master tool.

It seems that xmr still has some security levels as my temps are auto monitored around 95°C wich is high but ok. (Or is hive “cpu service” that says that cpu can take all it needs with 95°c as a max). It could be fine still to have some kind of OC settings, I would prefer to be at lower temp values with 12 cores running.

I’m still testing with CPU, maybe I will cut 1 or 2 cores to see the changes, Im a bit uncertain to let such hot CPU for long periods.

Awesome thanks for the info! I basically decided to leave it mining with all threads, I have adequate cooling so im not worried. Ive been running it for weeks now dual mining with no issue so im guessing its absolutely normal when mining on all threads.

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Iam also have this issue, using ryzen 9 3900x, the load average always red because the cpu load more than 24 on gr algo. I think we need to tune the cpu setting in bios to lock the cpu speed per ccx, also locking the cpu vcore with override option.

Hey bro, don’t worry it’s completely normal. It has no effect on my GPU mining. Been running it this way for months and works just fine.

My rig crashed few Times now with this error message. Do you have any idea ?

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