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CPU LA Spike

My normal CPU LOAD AVERAGE is 0.38 - 1min , 0.31 - 5min , 0.22 - 15min
CPU TEMP is 35°

Today my LA spiked to > 9 and caused my rig to crash. This happened 3 times since yesterday afternoon. Coincidentally, I updated the os yesterday afternoon to the most current… 0.6-203@210512

I am mining EZIL so… not doing any cpu mining.

Any idea why the cpu LA would do this?

So… last night my rig went idle around 12:20 am… and then started back up around 6:30 am… There are no alerts or “Activity” logs of this incident. Is it possible I have a bad CPU? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Just to update for those interested. There may be a problem with the current upgrade 0.6-203@210512.

Yesterday the same thing happened around 11am. My CPU LA surged to approx 9 and caused the rig to crash while I was away. I was able to get to restart but only after about 40 mins of down time. When I got back to my office. I decided to revert back to the previous version os.

The current version was 0.6-203@210512… I selected the nearest reversion @210401… and it downgraded me to 0.6-202@210512. At first glance it looked like the “current” version… but it has one number different… the 2 in front of the @ sign.

Since the downgrade, the rig has run smooth for 18 hours. I will keep track of this.
Seems there may be a problem with the current os upgrade.

FYI… my rig is running AMD cards… only.


good that u solved your issue. Just bear in mind that it might be that your rig has an issue related to latest os. Was there any fixes on the latest related to miner you are using, or other changes that directly affected your setup to your knowledge ?

To be honest, I did not notice… I am using teamredminer and ezil pool. Ezil did do a maintenance change though. But I am not sure of the timing… I will need to investigate that.

I figured I might wait a few days and then try the os update again.

yeah, i just touhgt to mention, had some issues before and i was sure that the problem is not on my end… turned out that i was wrong. Did the same, rolled back on os and miner vers. and got thing running smoothly, after a while i started to look closer and turned out that i had issue on my rig anyways… so just as friendly reminder, it might be your best intrest to look closer, possible issues in your rig might stab u in the back in the future anyway, even if its okay for now. good luck with mining

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