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CPU hardlock while GPU minning

Heya all,

I’m at a loss… I’m getting an error on my HiveOS miner “Hard lock on CPU 10” at least once every other day or so. The CPU number changes, but the miner will always completely freeze. This makes no sence to me as I’m NOT CPU minnig on this rig. Only GPU mining on one card (RX 580) using current HiveOS ver and current ver of TeamRed miner.

This rig is using a B350 Tommahawk and Ryzen 5 1600 without issue until maybe a month ago.

I’ve done the basic stuff like temp control on rig and card (100% fan speed on both), mem and gpu undervolt adjustments, and adjusted mem and gpu clock. Nothing seems to matter, which realy I didnt expect as the error is CPU one. I have no clue how to adjust CPU usage when not CPU minning (like using --threads=6 on XMRig for XMR). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


What hardware you use? Motherboard , memory , Psu , risers, etc…?

Currently that rig is running a Tomahawk B350, Ripjaw 2600s, Ryzen 5 1600, Evga 650 gold, no riser direct connect to mainboard, and the GPU is an XFX RX 570. Temps are controled via 4 rig fans all set 80% no issues with core/mem/rig temps.

Only the GPU is OC’d, the ram and cpu are running stock. Using Hive OS current ver -1

The interesting thing I found is this rig and my primary rig are mining on TeamRedminer (current ver). This rig has been unstable for 3 or 4 weeks maybe, ever since the last TRM update. I noticed my primary rig has been getting watchdog miner resets more often now as well (GPUx unresponsive)… I made a change to LOLMINER just this weekend and so far no issues from this rig or my primary. It’s too soon to say for sure if it was the mining software or not, I’ll need at least a week of mining to know for sure. But I welcome anything you might suggest.