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CPU for Gigabyte X570 UD

Hello Everyone.
I bought a new motherboard and now I’m “stuck” with my old Gigabyte X570 UD.
I’m thinking about using is for a small RTX 3070-3080 mining rig.

But what AMD CPU will be fine for 5 GPUs?

Ryzen 3 2200G /3200G

The less expensive one.

Are you sure that they will fit on a Gigabyte x570 UD?

The CPU I used before was a Ryzen 9 5950x

You are a genius :clap:

with what socket or motherboard?

It is said : X570 UD so AM4

I use R3 3200G / X570 UD, works like a charm with 5 GPU
Did not test with an adapter on M.2 slot for a sixth one, may be worth a try.

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