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CPU fan speed


Could someone tell me please, how to change the CPU fan speed in HiveOS?

I’ve placed my mining rig in my bedroom and the GPU noise is not a problem, but the little CPU fan is just unbearable :wink:

Thanks in advance !

Hive OS cant control your cpu fan, you have to go to the BIOS and change it there.
Put it on silent or tune down the rpms for the cpu fan.

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Is this still the case?
If someone is cpu mining I think Hive should be able to control the cpu fan. What if it’s running hot?

In Windows I know software can control the cpu and even case fans (MB utils, SpeedFan, etc.)
I imagine it’s very much possible in Linux.

Additionally, it seems Hive does not even report the cpu fan speed.
Both of these oversights should be considered bugs imo and fixed accordingly.

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