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Couldn't update/upgrade

I have try to upgrade system (from 0.6-97@191128 to 0.6-142@200528) on newly formed worker but without any success :frowning:
Tried from Console or from GUI option but no success. I have get Could not upgrade Error code 100???
What to do? Any advice please?

What is your device model and version? if you use the iPhone, then you can force restart the device at first. And if it doesn’t work, then you are suggested to use professional iOS system repair tools such as TunesKit iOS System Repair to fix the issue of not updating or upgrading.

I am not sure of your device model. But if it is iPhone that couldn’t update, you can try iTunes to update your device. And if it does not work. You can try a more powerful ios repair tool to fix the update issue without data loss.

Maybe you need a iOS repair tool?
As for me, I think it is necessary for iOS users to download one to protect their iOS devices from issues.