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Could someone provide me a link to beta hiveos? Official link provides stable version not beta

How to get hiveos beta? All beta links provide same files (stable)

I need fresh system, today’s upgrade crashed my hive completely, I can’t even do hive-replace

well, google helped me :slight_smile:

I think you should not using it since the stable channel is ahead of the beta channel.

It mean there are not any beta rn :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thanks! Didn’t know :slight_smile: so I should use stable for rx 570/580/5700/6800?

I’m using stable for 6800 without any issues :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Phoenix miner or should I use sth else?

Up to you.
I got some issues with teamreadminer at first (I’m runing only 1 6800) then I switched to phoenix for better hashrate and stability… for now… xD
T-Rex for all my others Nvidia :slight_smile:

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