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Cortex with LOLMiner ran for HOURS, rebooted, now sitting at Miner Setup

Im absolutely clueless. I just setup my first cortex rig with some extra cards.
Everything ran fine for about 8 hours, then it rebooted and I cannot get it back to mining.
It just stops at Miner Setup after the initial screen comes up (when you run miner).
Ive tried going over to Gminer and it pretty much does the same thing.
Asus Z390P MB
Intel Celeron CPU
4GB Ram
(2) Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU
Mining Cortex in the WoolyPooly Pool with LolMiner 1.2

A. Mine with Gminer, it hashes WAYYYYY higher, like 30%
B. The image was on a USB drive and the available space hadnt been expanded so the image basically became worthless.
C. I flashed a new USB and loaded Gminer first and all was good.
D. Now the rig has 2 miners, on WoolyPooly, 1 mining CTXC and 1 mining Raven (its a 4GB card)
If you have a better idea for what to mine with a 4GB card, please comment.

Did this end up working out?

Gminer seems to bag much higher hashrate

I use Gminer with my ETH, to me, it shows a little bit lower than Phoenix, like everybody else, but it bags more shares on average. And truthfully, thats all im looking for. I got away from Cortex, its such a challenge coin to flip via Exchange.

Heads up deposit / withdrawals opened up somewhere. Bitfinix?

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