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Core temp went up 3080FE

I have got 2 rtx3080FE
I have changed thermal pads today and thermal paste as well. But main issue was temp on memory. So mem temp dropped ok which is good enough for me.
But core temp on one of the card went from 60 to 75-77 and hashrate dropped from 100 to 55.
Different settings do not change anything and I think card is throttling or very close.
Of course I changed everything in this same way, gelit extreme pads 2mm inside and 3mm backplate. Paste mx4 arctic.
Anyone had similar issue?
I would not be so suprised but these are this same cards and everything been done exactly this same way.

Poor die contact pressure will do this, likely too thick thermal pads used.

I think im gonna try 1.5mm both side. I read some articles and different opinion. Thx

It helped change of pads