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Control fan speed in msi r9 390

Good taste in greeting you, I have two MSI r9-390 GPUs and the speed of the fans is kept at half the revolutions as seen in the image and I would like to be able to control them to keep the rig at a better temperature. I have tried the autofan and also putting -tt in the Extra config arguments parameters of the PhoenixMiner configuration and it does not increase the speed. They would know what can be done in this case.

thank you in advance for your support

Ummm … Weren’t you embarrassed that these GPUs are not on the list of supported devices on the official website?

In fact, they are not among the compatible ones, but my intention is to contact someone who has gone through this, if it is not your case and you have nothing to contribute, you can continue with your affairs without being obliged to respond. Can you find something to do?

I have a rig with 5 R9 390 and a RX 590, the version of the os version is 0.6-157@200908, with this version the fans work fine with autofan also at 100% speed, my target temperature is 65 Celsius, unfortunately if I update to the last version the max fan speed is only 50%, I have the locked vbios on the cards, because of the shortage I prefer to avoid flashing as you know it could result sometime in a useless card.
Using nanominer those cards work good with RVN, ETH, ERG… so try to use an older version of hiveos to have fan speed also at 100%.

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