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Continuous Error: GPU are lost, rebooting

Hello, I’m new here I started mining this weekend, after having trouble with my first configurations, I already have my system running, it only consists of one small PC ATX tower with:

  • PSU 600watts
  • CPU Ryzen 2600
  • 16BG RAM
  • Solis state drive 256Gb, this has Windows 10 OS
  • USB Drive 8GB for HiveOS
  • Two RTX 3060 Zotac 12 GB graphics cards
  • ATX tower with 4 independent 120mm fans
  • Graphic cards are directly connected to Main board, See Attached picture: RigConfig.jpg

I also have my case open and with an additional external desktop fan that points directly to graphic cards, I have done this because without them my graphic cards get very high temperatures like 75C and higher.

Now my problem, My Flight Sheet config:


Graphic Cards config

Fan: 65
Core: -100
Mem: 2600
PL: 130

I’m getting very often error message indicating that one GOU is lost, so as I have watchdog activated my miner get rebooted quite often.

Is there any problem with my hardware configuration?

Is worth mentioning that I wasn’t able to downgrade my nvidia drivers to 460.39, the last procedure I
I did was to “eliminated Nvidia packages to start again and try to do the downgrade, I guess something went wrong because I usually have some errors with nvidia.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Following you will find images.

I have been having rebooting problems too using LOLMiner.
I am getting ready to pull a 3060 LHR card I have in there because that is the one that keeps dropping and weird power spiking from 80w to 95w drops down and then spikes again over time then loses the card completely.
Starting to think LHR cards are causing these problems with rebooting.
I was also getting dead spots in the Ethash rates but fixed that by downgrading to v208.

Thanks for your answer.

v208 is your HiveOS version?

Yes V0.6-208@210831 is what I am using let me know if it works for you.

Do I have to create, again, the USB image? Or how do I perform the downgrade?

I would hold off I started getting dead spots again.

My goodness! How long was it stable? I made a few changes to my config and I’m currently running this new config for about 3.5 hours without fallings.

If you want to know, the changes I made were found in another thread.

Fan: 80
Core: -502
Mem: 2600
PL: 120

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