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Contantly Rebooting in Hiveos Every 12 hours?

Guys will you kindly look at my problem, thank you in advance.

As you can see at the chart, i usually reboot at around the 9-12 hour mark. Funny thing is i didnt even get an error or offline notif on my telegram. I use an HDD 500 GB, and a realtek wifi. My ping is around 54ms and I already tried to change server url. My hardware is consist of two atx psu one 750 and one 500. Im using risers and sata cables to power ( i will use the 8pin splitters next week as my package is already been shipped) I just wanted to test my performance and try to tune things up before my package arrive so that i can really start mining.

One time I had the time to sit it out and wait for the error. turns out it disconnects wifi at the hive platform. But hive shell is still running and accepting shares, and then after maybe like 5 min wifi will come back up on the hive platform, but STILL MINING??? so frustrated i mean the oc are all minimal, i have tried everything and i can assure you my oc are not the problem. the hard part is, everytime it does that disconnection it never says something on the logs or sumn. im so confused is it because im using wifi? i already change my server url

I would like to also add, i have changed miners already used teamred, phoex, gbminer, sbminer etc

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