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Constant rebooting with unchangeable low voltage and strange error messages I have tried everything

Hi guys. I recently started mining with a AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT for the first few days it was going fine I managed to get it mining at 63 MH/S and I undervolted it. Everything was going fine however the setup had been a nightmare to build so I was resistant to make any changes to it, I decided to just let it run and to leave it alone as much as possible. However a day or two later the card started beeping (around two - four quick beeps) a few minutes later the fans began to slow then stopped, however they began to start up again and I thought it was okay. Ten minutes later and the beeping started again and once again the fans slowed and stopped, this repeated for around an hour. Finally I had no other choice and had to try to look into what was going on the screen read that it was getting 5000 MH per second and operating at 34 volts, both of these things seemed impossible so I reset the system but the result was the same. My immediate first assumption was that the undervolt was interfering with the cards performance so I restored the voltage to default but still the problem persisted. Next I restored the core clock and memory clock back to their default settings now the card was back on factory settings mode no different than when I brought it. Still the problem persisted I now thought the hardware may be affected so I replaced the cables and when that made no difference I replaced the PSU still it made no difference. I then realized that the entire system was restarting over and over not just the card, it seems the system says the card is there but that the cards voltage is low 30 - 40 Watts and then the entire system reboots over and over. I then thought the software was broken so I redownloaded Hive OS but the system still just keep restarting over and over. Now I am out of ideas the system and card still keep restarting. New data is being displayed while the card data still reads a voltage of around 20 - 40 Watts it now also gives a ETH speed of 0.000 MH/S with Shares of 0/0/0 and a time of 0:01 or 0:00. An error message reading “Thread(s) not responding” keeps getting displayed along with another error reading “Unable to enum CUDA GPU: no CCUDA_capable device is detected”. The System and card then restart again in a unending loop. If anyone has any idea of what happened or how to resolve it I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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