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Constant errors with amd 6600 and 6600XT

I am using lolminer, and with others I still have the same problem, with 3 gpu it mines perfectly, adding the fourth one and it starts generating errors, even when it has 3, it says that it mines at 0mhs/s.
I have updated and everything and I don’t know what could be wrong.
It detects all cards but is not able to mine.

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are you running the recommended motherboard bios settings? Motherboard setup

if its working with 3 but not 4+ usually points to a bios configuration issue so i’d start there.

if youre still having issues after please share your clocks and voltages that you are running, as well as the kernel and driver versions. these can all be found on the workers “overview” tab

I have activated the above 4g, I have it on gen1, I will try gen2.
I attach the overclocks that I am using for alephium and the current versions:

Thanks in advance.

OCs dont look too out of place, might be worth trying a very conservative setting and see if that helps,
something like 1200mhz core and 800mv vdd/vddci, if it does slowly work your way back toward your original settings

let me know what happens

Now with only one card, says that:

Now its mining but one say unknown

check slots/risers/cables/psu etc etc.

I get it to 3, I have checked that the bios is correct, but as soon as I connect the 4, two of them are set to unknown, and everything goes out of control. I have checked all the risers and everything in general and I can’t solve it.
Thanks for the help, I hope there is a solution.
It is not because you do not have the above4G in the bios, that is correct, I want to emphasize it.