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Connection Refused when trying to mine Monero

I just build my first gpu mining rig and got it up and running mining RVN. I bought a ryzen 7 5800x so that I could mine Monero (XMR) at the same time. I set up my flight sheet and no matter what pool I do, it just returns “connection refused” and won’t mine. I read on another post something about it returning and it not working. I am very new to this and would like to know if there is some workaround for this so I can get it up and running. Here is an example of what it shows when I try to mine XMR.

Have you tried other servers/pools?

I actually ended up trying to go to and Centurylink was blocking me from going there. So I checked the box saying trust this site. Loaded the flight sheet in and it started working. Now I just need to figure out how to get adjust my cpu settings to stay cool but stay at a high hashrate.

disabling pbo lowers the hashrate, and the temperature. Also you don’t use all the cores. Maybe 14-15 threads at most.

Check out RabidMining videos (youtube) about oc your cpu.