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Connection Problems on HiveOS with RTX 3090

Hey guys!
Right now I am in the middle of setting up my first miner on Hiveos and for some reason, every time I boot the miner up and apply the flight sheet to the rig it proceeds to connect to whichever pool I am in and disconnect to it multiple times. Not really sure what to do so any thoughts would be nice.

On my screen, it says “missing host or wallet for the main command-line pool
Loading pools from epools.txt
the pool list contains 4 pools (0 from command-line)
primary pool:
Starting GPU mining
Connecting to ethash pool (proto: EthProxy)
GPU1: 27C 0% 25W
GPUs power: 25.5 w”

After listing this it proceeds to connect and disconnect from the pool automatically.

Is this post not good enough!?

This community is honestly dog shit.

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